Vladimir Mulyar - designer-artist. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the UNESCO International Association of Artists, academician of the Russian Academy of National Sciences Author of the unique rock- crystal processing technology based on a number of know-how, the result of more than 30 years of work.

Design works protected by a patent of the Russian Federation.

All works have the "MUVI" trademark.

The range of maestro’s works extends from the finest technical products to unique works of art.

Original souvenirs, VIP - gifts, luxurious compositions of colored and colorless rock crystal amaze with their magnificence and craftsmanship.

Completely utilitarian products coexist with dazzling creations, capable of decorating the most sophisticated interior.

The original appearance is complemented by unique, decorated with velvet and silk packaging, which is a natural continuation of the artist's idea. The artist's works were exhibited at 30 international exhibitions both in Moscow and abroad.

V. I. Mulyar is the winner of the highest “Grand Prix” awards of the “Golden Hands of Masters" exhibitions (1998), the Gold Medal of the All-Russian Exhibition Center for a series of international exhibitions (2000), Gold Medal at the international exhibition of know-how "ARCHIMED 2004". The author of the “Crystal Turandot” prizes for the Union of Theater Workers of Russia (1991-1998)

Laureate of Victor Rozov’s Prize "For Contribution to Russian Culture" (2005)

The artist was highly appreciated at the international exhibitions:

«Porcelain. Glass. Ceramics”, « Interglass», «Surprise 2000» in Moscow.

« Expo – 2000» in Brussels,"Russia's export opportunities - 2001" in Stambul.

The technology of making compositions of rock- crystal is unique.

It is believed that rock-crystal transfers the highest energy of space to a human. Therefore, people are trying to have in their home products made of rock-crystal. The unique products of Vladimir Ivanovich Mulyar bring harmony into our lives -thanks to not only the wonderful properties of this material, but also the high artistic value of the products themselves.

Vladimir Mulyar is one of the few masters in the world who possesses this craftsmanship. His masterpieces are created from real rock-crystal at the temperature of 1700-2000 °C. The material hardens within 1-2 seconds, and at this short time in the hands of master, a work of art is born - fragile and eternal, like time itself. Environmentally friendly material (purity 99.9% SiO2) does not lose its properties over time and these beautiful masterpieces will forever be admired by humanity for their beauty and grace.


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Crystal dream

Highly artistic products and gifts from rock-crystal

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Хрустальная мечта  -  Crystal dream
VIP подарки из горного хрусталя